Welcome to the Online Angel Tarot & Meditation Workshop!

In this workshop, you will be guided through the symbology and method of using Angel Oracle Cards. They are very similar to Tarot. By connecting with your Guides & Angels you will be able to ask for guidance for yourself or a loved one.

This will help you make better life decisions, in your Career or Relationships, discover your Life's Purpose, understand your Romantic Relationships, Heal from emotional pain, make crucial Life decisions, and understand why certain situations happen the way they do.

You will also learn how to meditate correctly, which will help you deepen your connection with the Universe.

The following will be covered in the Workshop
  • Simple techniques of Meditation
  • How to tune into your intuition and receive messages from the Divine
  • How to give yourself a Daily reading
  • How to give someone else an Angel Reading
  • How to connect with your Angels
  • How to give readings related to Life purpose, Love, Relationships, Marriage, and Health.
  • How to clear your energies and ground yourself
  • How to correctly use Affirmations to benefit you in your daily life.
  • Learn Grounding & Shielding techniques.

Limited Offer   ₹9000   ₹6500

  • A detailed PDF Manual, a Chakra Meditation & Certificate of Completion.
  • A 4-5 Hour interactive Zoom class, which includes practicing with me.
  • Access to me for questions over Email or Whatsapp.
  • All topics mentioned above will be covered in class and in the manual.