What I Offer
Career & Relationship Guidance
Manifest your desires
Overcoming Obstacles and fears
Detachment and Cord Cutting
Nurturing Self Love & Confidence
Releasing Anxiety and Forgiveness
Receive intuitive advice about your Career, Relationships, Love life, or any personal issues that you are facing. Using my deck of Angel cards I connect to your guides and channelise messages to provide you with the best guidance that will help with your current situation. I also offer Affirmations as a part of my readings.
Using the power of Affirmations, I help you attract what you want. I teach you the correct methods of Affirming and tapping in to the Law of Attraction.
Using methods of hypnosis or card reading, I help you identify personal blocks and give you tools to overcome them. I use methods like journalling and meditation to help my clients lead a more fulfilled life.
Detaching from past relationships or negative people is extremely important to lead a peaceful life. Using hypnotherapy, I help my clients cut cords from negative and hurtful people & situations. These sessions have had some fabulous results!
Loving yourself is the key to achieving true happiness. In my sessions, I teach you techniques on how to gain self confidence and put your happiness first. I teach you to believe in Yourself.
Learning how to forgive others and releasing negative emotions is crucial for good health and overall well being. Through Angel cards or hypnosis, I help my clients release feelings of anxiety and practice forgiveness towards others. By holding onto negative emotions you are only harming yourself!
Work with me

I'm your Spiritual Coach and guide. I work with Angels and the Universal energy forces to provide you with the best answers to your questions or issues.

These intuitive readings help you make better life decisions- in your career or relationships, discover your life's purpose, understand your romantic relationships, heal from emotional pain, make crucial life decisions, and understand why certain situations happen the way they do.

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