DAY 21 : I am whole, complete, and happy. 

As you repeat each Affirmation throughout your day, feel how the energy shifts within you. Notice how you feel. Please take out time daily to either read, write, or say these Affirmations out loud so that you take them in completely –in mind, body, and spirit.

When we activate the Law of Gratitude and are thankful for the smallest blessings in our life, the Universe starts to give more to us. These Affirmations will help you focus more on the positives in your life and take your attention away from the negative.

Always remember- What you focus on grows.


An Affirmation must always be phrased in the present tense, as if the desired result has already happened, and more importantly it must be charged with as much emotion and positive energy as possible. This will attract and influence energy in accordance with the ‘Law of Attraction’ where the Universe brings into your reality what you have affirmed for. For instance, a statement like “I will have a job promotion” implies an indefinite future. Instead saying “I have a job that I love/enjoy” you are bringing it into your present reality.

By rejecting all negative thoughts and replacing them with Positive Affirmations, you are sending out positive vibrations of energy that will eventually manifest into your own physical life. You should have absolutely no doubt in your mind, and instead replace it with feelings of joy, happiness, and hope.

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