What if I told you that you held the KEY to bring miracles in to your life? Just by shifting your thoughts and statements, you could attract a whole new range of experiences. Would you believe me?

We have all read The Secret and watched the movie, but what we don’t realise is – we block things from coming in because of our OWN negativity and stress.

Like attracts like. Positive upbeat people WILL attract positive experiences in their life. The more we stress about something, the more we are stopping it from entering.

Start your day with this Affirmation I WELCOME MIRACLES INTO MY LIFE.

By saying this, you are telling the Universe that you are open to all good that is coming your way.

⁠ By saying “I am attracting…..” or ⁠”Good things are coming my way…” you are putting the Law of Attraction in to motion. What we say, we attract.⁠

The best thing you can do is state what you want and then be in a state of accepting it.⁠ Once you have done that, be in a state of ‘allowing’. ⁠

Accept whatever the Universe sends your way. It may not be EXACTLY how you want it, but have faith that after many hurdles the right thing will show itself.⁠

Leave the HOW and WHEN up to the Universe.