What People Are Saying

  • "Since you came into my life, so much has changed. When I followed your guidance and started doing my Affirmations, I started loving and appreciating the small things. I feel deep gratitude. It's all because of you."

    - Mamta

    "Devina's Daily messages cheer you up and give you immense positivity and hope. She is one of the few healers who has the ability to connect with you through her messages. Her Readings are so apt and the Affirmations are given based on your area of improvement."

    - Priyanka

    "Devina read out my life with utmost precision, and not only did she give me clarity but also the guidance I needed to overcome the challenges! She is calm and patient. Thanks for making me break my own limitations"

    - Yashoda 

    "I think she is absolutely wonderful and a very positive human being! She will do her best to understand a problem and shall provide good counselling. Affirmations are very helpful! I totally vouch for her services."

    - Neha Rai

    "Devina is one of the most empathetic people I know. She understands you and goes out of her way to address your issues. She has a strong connection with the Angels, and her suggestions, Affirmations, and guidance have helped me immensely. She is a wonderful reader, healer, and counsellor!"

    - Nishta Sood (Mumbai)

    "You had said that there will be a change in my life, either job or home. Within a month, I bought a new home when I had no plans at all. This deepened my faith and had helped me overcome challenges. The entire experience was calming and reassuring."

    - Reetu Kanwar

    "Devina is incredibly insightful and I would recommend her to anyone searching for answers, clarity and peace of mind. She is approachable and explains things in a clear manner with great examples from everyday life! She is friendly and non-judgemental."

    - Shrutika

    "Devina is a true Angel on Earth. She is like a ray of hope when you doubt yourself. Her Daily messages are serious motivation which keep me going. Gratitude is a small word for this Angel.

    - Anindita Banerjee

    "Devina instills the confidence and faith you need for yourself. She is now my guiding force and mentor, who within days has already helped me channelise the positive energy that was subdued in me. All it took was an instant connection and faith was restored!"

    - Rohan

    “Devina's Angel card readings are very accurate and the Angels are surely with her during the process. There is great divine energy around her. Through her work, Devina shows you the highest way out for you in any situation, whether it be a current situation or the general purpose for spiritual growth. I recommend her readings to everyone.”

    - Amritha

    “I did not believe in Angel card readings till Devina Badhwar did one for me! Now after two very very accurate readings, I can't imagine not coming to her every few months. Both times it helped me get direction and understand a situation better. Thank you!”

    - Neeha

    "You have helped my find my path, through my darkest time, and made me believe in myself. You are an Angel!"

    - Anoushka

    My dear, you have wonderful talent. Keep it up! May God bless your steps all the way."

    -Doreen Stephan, (Oman, 45)

    “Thank you so much for such a detailed and insightful Online Reading! It has been a blessing. I never expected such a detailed reading, and the guidance and positivity you send through is nothing less than a miracle!”

    -Anjalika (Dubai)

    “Sometimes in life you know what you want and how you can get, it but lack trust. In such times you need someone to tell you ‘move on I am there for you’. My meeting with Devina did that and showed me light at the end of the tunnel, and gave me the confidence that God and the Angels are there to support me in all my decisions. Thanks Devina!”

    -Monica Anand

    “In your Online Reading you mentioned that someone will be coming into my life soon. I received great news a week after that my parents had found me a a very nice girl in Mumbai. Our parents are in talks now and if all goes well we'll tie the knot by next year. Thank you!”

    -Chintan (Mumbai)

    “Beautiful website. Beautiful girl with a beautiful mind!”

    -Roshni Chopra (Actress)

    “Thank you so much for the reading, Devina Badhwar! It was inspiring! You have a lovely way of relaying the messages :)”

    -Aeshna (Delhi)

    “Awesome stuff! I know by experience how correct your predictions are. Blessed to have a family member who's so advanced spiritually.”

    -Amrita Raichand (Bombay)

    “Devina has the most pleasant disposition which led to a beautiful reading session. She helped me reinforce things to a large extent. Overall it was a delightful experience.I can't wait to do another reading!”

    -Mekhla (Delhi)

    “I love visiting the Facebook page The Light Within. Reading the Daily Guidance instantly makes me feel better. In fact it has changed the way I approach life.”

    -Nayantara Rai (News Anchor)

    “I would like to thank Devina with all my heart. It was because of her readings that I have a wonderful dog in my life after 32 years of longing for one. Besides that, Devina's reading have helped me take my business in the direction I’ve always wanted. She is one of the most wonderful and positive people I've had the opportunity of meeting. Thank you once again for everything.”

    -Astha Bahl

    “Devina an awesome reader and her readings were so right. It is difficult to believe that a stranger could be so right about you. Thanks for your time and patience Devina. You rock!”

    -Ritika Jain

    “Thank you for all your help today. Your reading has helped me make a life changing decision and helped me get back my lost confidence.”


    “It was a wonderful experience meeting Devina in person. The guidance received by her through the cards has given me quite an insight and has helped in my emotional healing. I feel quite calm and peaceful. Thank you for your timely help.”

    -Radhika Tejpal

    "My soul has learnt to live again! You made me speak out my fears openly and helped me discover how to move towards positivity. I am grateful!"


    "Devina has a quiet yet strong presence which makes you want to share right away. She doesn't sugar-coat things and provides timely counsel when required."