For those who want to tap into their natural intuitive abilities and learn Angel Card Reading for themselves or others, you can sign up for workshops in this section. This  workshop will also help in your spiritual growth and self healing, and bring inner happiness through simple meditation techniques. 

Certified Workshop on Angel Card Reading & Meditation


In this certified workshop, you will be guided through the symbology and art of using Angel Oracle Cards. By connecting with the Angels using this beautiful deck of Angel Cards that will be provided to you as part of the workshop, you will be able to ask for guidance for yourself or a loved one. Using your cards, you will learn how to make better life decisions in your career and relationships, discover your life's purpose, understand your romantic relationships, heal from emotional pain, make crucial life decisions, and understand why situations happen the way they do.

You will learn how to tap into your intuitive abilities to receive accurate information during your readings. Angel Card Reading is not about memorising a deck of cards or receiving a Certificate. It is about learning the RIGHT method of interpreting the cards by tapping into your own intuition.

The following will be covered in the workshop:

- Simple techniques of meditation

- How to tune into your own intuition and receive messages from the Divine

- How to give an Angel Reading related to Career, Love, Relationships, Marriage, Life Purpose, etc.

- How to give someone else an Angel Reading

- How to connect with your Angels

- How to clear energies and ground yourself

- How to correctly use Affirmations to benefit you in your daily life

- A FREE Chakra-cleansing Meditation

Lunch and refreshments are included. A certificate of completion will be handed after the course.

To reserve a spot for upcoming workshops, please write in to: