Affirmations For Different Areas Of Your Life


(Attracting Good into Your Life)

I trust the process of life to bring me my highest good. I deserve the best and I allow myself to accept it.
I am thankful to the universe for its protection and guidance. I have faith that whatever happens is for my very best.
All that I desire comes to me easily and effortlessly.
I am a natural optimist. I expect things to work out well, and they do.
I believe in Divine timing and everything is falling into place for my highest good.
All the things I do bring happiness and pleasure for me and to those around me.
I am easy going and happy. Everything is falling into place.
I always feel completely happy, joyful and content.
I am glowing with energy and unconditional love.
I always radiate love and happiness.
I deserve to be happy and successful.
I am responsible for my my own happiness and my life's direction.
I give thanks for everything that comes to me daily.
Everyday in every way I am getting happier and happier. The happiness in my life manifests itself in my personal well-being.
I express myself freely with love and compassion.